Zero-Garbage ! - "Yes it is Possible."

Why Zero Garbage ?

          It’s so unfair to make others manage the waste we create ! It is a social injustice we all are doing from ancent age.

          Let’s come up together to manage the waste that we are responsible for !

          Initiate it by having a board at our doors saying
“We do not generte garbage!”

Yes ! It is possible. Read our Book
“Zero Garbage”

का शून्य कचरा ?

          उपभोग आपण घ्यायचा आणि वापरून झालेल्या वस्तूंचं (कचऱ्याचं) व्यवस्थापन दुसऱ्या कोणालातरी करायला लावायचे हा अनेक वर्ष होत असलेला सामाजिक अन्याय दूर करू या.

“आम्ही कचराच करत नाही.”
असं म्हणण्यासाठी
प्रथम आपल्या दारावर.
“येथे कचरा तयात होत नाही”
अशी पाटी लावा !

वाचा कचऱ्याच्या प्रश्नाचे एकमेव उत्तर
“शून्य कचरा”

Perpetual Composting Drum - Aviratpatra for Home Use

Perpetual Composting Drum - Aviratpatra for Apartment (10-15 Flats )

Perpetual Composting Drum - Aviratpatra for Society

Meet the Founder : Mr.Kaustubh Tamhankar

After completion of education in Engineering in 1971 from Ratnagari , joined a family Business in Thane named as R.K.Dutt Concerns. This business was of supplying School Science Apparatus. I visited almost all schools in south Maharashtra (1975-1980). I had developed Science Apparatus such as “Primary Kit” suitable for rural school, Portable Petrol Gas Set for schools and colleges and many other apparatus required as per syllabus. With this business we built a factory in Wagle Estate and entered in to industrial equipment business.

In 1998 I was uncomfortable by hearing the Garbage Issue. Nobody was giving solutions. Everybody was saying “do not make garbage”. The problem was from my home itself. I started looking in to the garbage for finding solutions. After continuous efforts I achieved a situation such that “The Garbage is not produce at all.”

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