About Founder

After completion of education in Engineering in 1971 from Ratnagari , joined a family Business in Thane named as R.K.Dutt Concerns. This business was of supplying School Science Apparatus. I visited almost all schools in south Maharashtra (1975-1980). I had developed Science Apparatus such as “Primary Kit” suitable for rural school, Portable Petrol Gas Set for schools and colleges and many other apparatus required as per syllabus. With this business we built a factory in Wagle Estate and entered in to industrial equipment business.
In 1994 I started my own company named as “Tansa Equipments Pvt. Ltd.” This company manufacture’s various types of Flow Instruments, Level Instruments, and Control panels required for chemical industries.
In 1998 I was uncomfortable by hearing the Garbage Issue. Nobody was giving solutions. Everybody was saying “do not make garbage”. The problem was from my home itself.
I started looking in to the garbage for finding solutions. After continuous efforts I achieved a situation such that “The Garbage is not produce at all.”
How it is possible? I wrote a book “Shoonya Kachara” explaining the easy way to get reed of Garbage Problem. This Book is published in
Marathi –13 Editions (13000 Books)
Hindi- 1 Edition -1000 Books
Gugarati – 1 edition- 1000 Books.
English- 1st edition- 3000 Books.
In short I had distributed 18000 books in the society.
All the editions are available in soft version.
The price of the book is – “Whatever You Feel Appropriate “- It is my commitment that whatever money is received will be used for reprinting of the books only.
I had given about 150 lectures on the same subject.
I had supplied more than 500 “Avirat Patra” (Composting basket.)
I had been interviewed with
  1. E-TV
  2. Zee News
  3. Z-24Tas – Heart to Heart (www.youtube.com/watch?v=34qO42RDQAQ)
  4. News 18 – Lokamat
  5. Akashvani Kendra in Vanita Mandal program.
  6. Akashwani – Pune
  7. FM Gold
  8. Interview with almost all local and state Newspapers had been published.
  9. Door Darshan Sanhadri-
  10. Swyam Talks at Pune
  11. Precision Gappa – Swyam- Sholapur
I had been honored by Nisarg Doot award at film festival in Ratnagari by Gogate college.
I have constructed big Avirat Patra for a hostel of Special student at Amaya Palak Sanghatana –Gharkul -Khoni near Dombivali (Read – Chapter 12- Aviratpatra for Society)
I have constructed 3000 ltr capacity – over The Ground Aviratpatra – at Maitri Anand Society at Thane
200 ltr- Drum Type Aviratpatra had been installed at Vrundavan Society in Dombvali.
All three units are in working condition.
As on today I had manufactured more than 75,000 pouches and used it for packing purpose in our factory.
A Board has been permanently and proudly displayed on our home saying
We Do Not Produce Garbage.”
For Last 16 years we have not produce anything from our home as a garbage. Details about the concept of Zero Garbage is explained in my Book “Zero Garbage”
Writing is my hobby. My articles have been published in the magazines like Antarnad , Kathashree , Saptahik Sakal and almost all local and state news papers .